Event Information

Oscar's Alehouse

Oscar's Alehouse,
7 Bayview Road, Belgrave

(Melways Ref: M:75, G10).

Phone: (03) 9754 8002.



Collection Points:

  • The Brewers Den
  • Grain And Grape
  • Greensborough Homebrewing

(Must be received no later than 12pm on the 19th May 2012 at the above locations)


  • On the day at Oscar's Alehouse in Belgrave
    (Well before 1pm please, and already entered on


British Ales Competition



The British Ale's Competition is held at Oscar's Alehouse in Belgrave, in May of each year and is organised by The Melbourne Brewers ( Melbourne's oldest Craft Brewing Club based in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

British Ales comp is now three years old, always on the same weekend and always at Oscar's Alehouse. We normally get an average of 40-45 entries, quite manageable.

This is a registered as a BJCP event.


Please thank our Competition sponsors next time you see them.....



Compeition Sponsors