Judging & Stewarding


     We encourage anyone interested in judging or stewarding, regardless of experience, to participate in Beerfest. Novice judges are welcome, and will be placed with more experienced judges; and stewards are always in demand.

     Judging and stewarding is a great way to explore beer styles, gain an understanding of what other brewers are doing, and learn a lot that may help your own brewing.

The format includes three judging sessions:
 - Friday Evening (from 7pm)
 - Saturday Morning (from 9:30am)
 - Saturday Afternoon (from 2:00pm)

Feel free to register your interest or ask for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you're applying to participate, please provide:
 - Your phone contact details
 - Session availability: Friday, Sat morning, Sat afternoon
 - Preference for judging, stewarding (or both)
 - Any styles you would prefer not to judge, or are entering beers into
(Note that we do our best to avoid having judges taste their own beers)

Richard Whitebrook
Beerfest Judge Director



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