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Wednesday 29th June 2016


Time: 7:30pm


Location: Factory 11, 12 Edina Rd, Ferntree Gully 3156

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If you wish to join Melbourne Brewers, please come along to our next Club Meeting and have a look at what we do and have a chat to our Members.

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The History of "The Old Dick"


Since 1999, the Club Brewer of the Year trophy has been an unusual mechanical device, affectionately known as "The Old Dick".


The Old Dick


The trophy was built about 22 years ago by former Member Dick Seville who was a popular and eccentric Member of the Melbourne Brewers and the ABAV which preceded it. "The Old Dick" is designed to hold a 750ml bottle of beer and to gradually tilt it in order to pour the contents without disturbing the sediment, thereby obtaining a crystal clear beer.


Dick an engineer by trade would regularly take the device with him when dining at BYO restaurants and drinking his own beers, mostly bottle conditioned brown ales.

Longstanding Members will remember Dick as the quietly spoken gentleman who would bring a large plate of cheese and onion sandwiches to every club meeting which would be unveiled late at each meeting after the standard Club nibbles had been consumed. These would rapidly be devoured and were a traditional part OF Club meetings for many years.


Dick was an inventive guy having a hand in building one of the first commercial washing machines ever built in Australia. Unfortunately, Dick passed away several years ago but much of his brewing equipment was donated and subsequently auctioned by the Club so many current Members have equipment designed and built by Dick and his legacy lives on.


The Old Dick was donated by Dick's family and Colin Penrose. So next time you see "The Old Dick" remember that it, like our Club, has a rich history built on the efforts of eccentric good blokes like Dick Seville.

Previous winners of "The Old Dick" have been:

  • 1999 Don & Claris Liebe

  • 2000 Michael Guenzel

  • 2001 John Abbott & Michael Guenzel

  • 2002 Darren Robey

  • 2003 Tony Wheeler

  • 2004 Mark Leathem

  • 2005 Tony Wheeler & Mark Leathem

  • 2006 Tony Wheeler

  • 2007 Tony Wheeler

  • 2008 Tony Wheeler

  • 2009 Chris Taylor

  • 2010 Robin Brown
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013