Judging Roster


Session Category Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Judge 4
Fri PM Wheat




Fri PM Dark Lager        
Fri PM Dark Ale        
Fri PM Strong Lager        
Fri PM Strong Ale        
Sat AM Pale Ale        
Sat AM Porter & Stout        
Sat AM British Ale         
Sat PM Specialty Beer
Sat PM Pale Lager


Sat PM Overflow




 - As at 08-Jan-2015



Stewarding Roster


Session  Category Steward
Fri PM  Wheat & Rye  
Fri PM  Dark Lager  
Fri PM  Dark Ale  
Fri PM  Strong Lager  
Fri PM  Strong Ale  
Sat AM  Pale Ale  
Sat AM  Porter & Stout  
Sat AM  British Ale Steve Walker 
Sat PM  Specialty Beer  
Sat PM  Pale Lager  
Sat PM  Overflow (Pale Ale)  

Chief Stewards



Chief Judge

 Linton Young

- As at 08-Jan-2015


Please be at the Royal King George Hotel at least 30 minutes before your judging\stewarding session.


The session start times are:
Friday - 7:00pm
Saturday morning - 9:30am
Saturday afternoon - 2:00pm



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